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2020 Disaster Relief - Hurricane Laura Fund


Hurricane Laura made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana in the early hours of August 27th as a Category 4 hurricane. The hurricane had the strongest winds - up to 150 miles per hour - of any storm on record to hit the southern shoreline and left extensive damage to homes and water systems across a swath of coastal land 40 miles wide. The storm has resulted in 14 deaths, and hundreds of thousands left without power or clean water. This disaster relief campaign will support the American Red Cross, Americares, Second Harvest of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, Team Rubicon, and World Central Kitchen. The Cisco Foundation will match eligible donations up to $10,000 per employee. Donations will not be counted toward employees' annual $25,000 match limit. Note on Tax Deductibility: This fund may include organizations based in the US, and in other countries. US employees who make a credit card donation will receive a receipt for tax deductibility for the portion of the donation contributed to US organizations. Employees outside the US will not be able to receive a receipt for tax deductibility for credit card donations to organizations in this fund.
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