2020 Disaster Relief - Turkey Earthquake Fund


A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck on Friday, October 30, in the eastern Aegean Sea. The earthquake's worst effects are being reported in western Turkey, where officials said at least 30 people are dead, more than 780 are injured and an unspecified number of people were missing. At least 20 buildings were destroyed or damaged in Izmir, one of Turkey's largest cities; the earthquake caused a small tsunami and flooded the streets across the city, where debris was floating from the collapsed structures. Structural damage and at least 2 fatalities have also been reported on the Greek island of Samos. The Cisco Foundation has launched a $25,000 disaster campaign to support response efforts of International Medical Corps and Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG). Employee donations will be matched by Cisco Foundation, up to $10,000 per employee; and will not be counted toward employees' annual $25,000 match limit. **Note on Tax Deductibility: This fund may include organizations based in the US, and in other countries. US employees who make a credit card donation will receive a receipt for tax deductibility for the portion of the donation contributed to US organizations. Employees outside the US will not be able to receive a receipt for tax deductibility for credit card donations to organizations in this fund.**

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