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Help Rescued Wild Animals Enjoy Their Golden Years Fund

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At 30+ years old, Gideon, the Syrian brown bear, is considered a geriatric sanctuary resident. Luckily, he was rescued by Noah’s Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary (Noah’s Ark) in Locust Grove, GA in 2014 from a zoo that had been shut down by the authorities due to its history of abuse and neglect of its animal tenants. Noah’s Ark is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located on 250 beautiful wooded acres that provides forever homes for more than 1,500 rescued animals from over 100 different species, including both exotic and domestic animals, as well as native wildlife. Noah's Ark provides their animals with large habitats that always have the animals' best interests in mind and that mimic their natural environments. This allows the animals to live out the rest of their lives in as stress free as possible, loving environments where they receive the best of care. I am in the finance organization at Cisco Systems and have volunteered and fundraised for this amazing organization for eight years. Many of the rescued animals at Noah’s Ark are in their golden years and thankfully, they are able to spend their remaining days in peace at a place that truly cares for their well-being. I have chosen Gideon to be the champion to raise money to help care for these very special geriatric residents at Noah’s Ark, which include big cats, primates, hoof-stock, parrots, reptiles and more, many of which were severely abused or abandoned before their arrival to the sanctuary. Despite Gideon’s severe arthritis from the concrete living conditions he endured for decades at his previous home, he’s able to navigate through his custom habitat quite well and is often seen greeting his keepers and guests or napping in his tub. Here is a link to a video which shows Gideon when he entered his new habitat for the first time ( ). Tears come to my eyes every time I watch it as I think of what it would be like to live nearly three decades in a concrete cell, and then one day be rescued into what must seem to Gideon like bear paradise with his own hay filled house, pool, deep bedding for digging and playing in and of course, lots and lots of toys. I ask you partner with me to help these precious older animals at Noah’s Ark by donating toward my $10,000 goal that will be designated for the care of the geriatric animals that are lucky enough to live at Noah’s Ark. The donations will be used to pay for medications, specialty food, enrichment, extra bedding, veterinarian bills, and other necessary costs. I would appreciate it so much if you would donate toward the care of the geriatric animals at Noah’s Ark to help these beautiful animals to enjoy their remaining years in comfort. Be sure to designate your donation to ‘geriatric residents.’ Donations made in the United States are tax deductible. Also, Noah’s Ark is vetted by Cisco Systems to receive Cisco matching funds for donations made by Cisco employees. So, if you are a Cisco employee, please be sure to request a Cisco match for your donation, thus doubling your impact on these animals. Noah’s Ark is open to the public. I hope that you come to visit! I appreciate your time. Additional information: Noah’s Ark is home to the Bear, Lion and Tiger (BLT) who were rescued together in 2001. Baloo (bear) and Shere Khan (tiger) still live together in their habitat with Leo (lion) in his final resting place. Noah’s Ark is the only place documented where these three species live together in harmony. Other links for Noah’s Ark:,,,
Help Rescued Wild Animals Enjoy Their Golden Years Fund

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