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#SafeToTalk Mental Health Awareness Fund


"At Cisco, we’ve always tackled challenges by working together and having open, supportive dialogue. Often times, a part of this challenge is the social stigma — a fear of judgment that keeps people from sharing their struggles. Each of us has a role to play in making sure that those suffering feel less afraid to ask for support in the moments they need it most. No one needs to go it alone." - Chuck Robbins All contributions of $1 or more will be matched by the Cisco Foundation as part of your annual $25,000 employee match. Cisco is currently reviewing other non-profit organizations focused on this issue. Additional organizations will be added as they are vetted and approved. **Note on Tax Deductibility: This fund may include organizations based in the US, and in other countries. US employees who make a credit card donation will receive a receipt for tax deductibility for the portion of the donation contributed to US organizations. Employees outside the US will not be able to receive a receipt for tax deductibility for credit card donations to organizations in this fund. **Note on Privacy: Employee donors who want to remain anonymous should select the “Keep my information private” option under Privacy on the donate page.
#SafeToTalk Mental Health Awareness Fund

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