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Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance (international-based orgs) Fund


Conflict has affected millions of people since fighting began in eastern Ukraine in 2014. Now with the recent invasion by Russian forces and the escalating hostilities, the situation is becoming increasingly desperate. With many being forced to flee their homes, there is great need for humanitarian assistance. You can help by donating to the Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance fund which supports the efforts of the organizations below, and have your donation matched by Cisco Foundation, up to the limit of $25,000 per employee per year. Cisco will provide an additional corporate match through end of FY22.

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Člověk v tísni, o.p.s. (People in Need)

Člověk v tísni, o.p.s (People in Need) has multiple teams deployed in the Ukraine and surrounding countries. They are distributing supplies including food, hygiene items, medical supplies, diapers, sleeping bags, mats, and other goods; as well as working with partners to build shelters and sanitation facilities.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has issued an emergency funding appeal and is working in close coordination with the ICRC and Red Cross national societies to support both people inside the Ukraine as well as those in neighboring countries with health care, water/sanitation/hygiene, shelter, livelihoods / financial support, and protection / prevention services.

Ukrainian Red Cross Society

The Ukrainian Red Cross is distributing food and hygiene parcels to families on the move across Ukraine, including Mariupol; providing first aid training in metro stations and bomb shelters; delivering food, blankets, medicine, medical supplies, trauma kits and household items; and distributing critical care items to people seeking safety from shelling in bomb shelters.

Fluechtlingshilfe Erding e.V.

Fluechtlingshilfe Erding is receiving, sorting and packing tons of relief supplies at the Erding air base, transporting them into Ukraine and working with partner NGOs to distribute them to families in need; as well as supporting Ukrainian refugees who are arriving in Erding with essential supplies and services.

PAH - Polish Humanitarian Organisation

PAH is providing multi-purpose cash assistance as well as distributing food, hygiene kits and other essential supplies, organizing humanitarian convoys, running refugee centers on both sides of the Poland / Ukraine border, providing psychological support to refugees.

Ukraine Humanitarian Assistance (international-based orgs)  Fund

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