Blue Bear School of Music

Fort Mason Center 2 Marina Blvd Bldg D, San Francsico, CA, 94123, US

Blue Bear School of American Music was founded by a rock band in the early '70's. Why not teach Rock instead of Bach, the Blues instead of Beethoven? Including solid music theory courses along with professional mentoring, electric Band Workshops and Songwriting courses, Blue Bear continues to offer high quality popular music education at affordable prices to music lovers of all ages. Scholarships are awarded annually to promising talent ages 12-22, funded by contributions from individuals, music industry professionals and businesses. Blue Bear has an active outreach programs serving at-risk kids in the Bayview and Tenderloin districts and runs after-school music programs at over 15 sites in San Francisco. Our mission statement is: Empowering people to play the music they love!


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