International Committee of the Red Cross

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The ICRC is an independent, neutral and independent organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and armed violence and taking action in response to emergencies.

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2020 COVID-19 & Humanitarian Crisis Disaster Relief Fund - Yemen
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2020 COVID-19 & Humanitarian Crisis Disaster Relief Fund - Yemen
2020 COVID-19 Disaster Relief Fund - Yemen ( Yemen Sadly is going through the Worst Humanitarian Crises in the world 24 million Starving) Yemen is the largest Humanitarian crises in the world with more than 24million people (80% of the population in need of humanitarian assistance). They are fighting Epidemic (Cholera), a pandemic (COVID- 19), a famine (Scarcity of food) and a War all at the same time!! The COVID-19 pandemic added to people’s suffering in Yemen it is hitting vulnerable communities those living in war zones and internally displaced peoples hardest. Without consistent access to running water, sanitation, medical services and inability to keep physical distance, these communities are at great risk. To help protect and support these communities, the ICRC's teams are fighting to prevent the spread of this disease by supporting vital health care centers and providing crucial items and working with the Yemen Red Crescent to improve the conditions of people in 18 quarantine facilities through the donation of household items, food, medical supplies , medicines, personal protective items, personal hygiene and cleaning items, among others. Moreover, the ICRC is continuing its vital work in supporting the livelihoods and health of vulnerable communities in areas affected by conflict. Your Kind support is highly appreciated! Every dollar counts No donation is too little to have an impact on someone’s life – Thank you!
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