Living Goods

1423 Broadway # 1054, Oakland, CA, 94612, US

Living Goods believes that every mother and child should have access to basic health care in their own community, no matter where they live. We seek to improve health across the developing world for good by staffing every community with a well-equipped, properly paid, and effectively managed Community Health Worker. The widespread adoption of high-impact, low-cost community health will be every bit as transformative as a new vaccine or the eradication of a disease. Millions of lives will be saved. Entire countries will be healthier and more productive. Government will have prioritized community health in its policies, plans, and budgets.

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Living Goods empowers people in need to improve their health and wealth by sustainably expanding access to life-changing products and services.


By 2025 Living Goods and its partners will improve the health and wealth of 50 million people in need.

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