Rising Above the Storms

PO Box 2532, Brentwood, TN, 37024, US

Rising Above the Storms strives to bring hope and advocate for at-risk and orphaned youths to ensure a chance at success and stability through education and empowerment.

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Empower, Educate & Inspire Street Kids in Rwanda Fund
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Empower, Educate & Inspire Street Kids in Rwanda Fund
Join me in supporting Rising Above the Storms to build a Computer Lab for Former Street Youth in Rwanda. This lab will enable us to empower our at-risk youth through innovations, research, internet, computer skills. We currently have 16 kids ranging from 10-18, and most of them still in elementary school. We’re looking to buy 8 laptops, estimating $500 per laptop before tax (plus network configuration & setup, and hiring a seasonal IT technician to help assist with the lab); we are also looking for 7 people to commit to donating $50 a month for at least 2 years so that we can continue to provide the necessary needs for the kids through counseling, clean clothes, food, a playground, school fees, material & uniforms for a traditional public school, and after school tutoring & mentoring. Giving RAS youth access to technology that they can’t afford in their home environment, will help them catch up with peers, enable them to engage others outside their communities, and maybe turn out to be a career path for some of them. Through this lab/initiative, we are intending to boost our kids’ confidence, promote skills learning, while we provide them with a motivation to stay in our programs, and prevent them from going back to the streets, and prepare them for a future career in technology. We expect to go Live in November 2019. Preps are underway! Thank you very much for your partnership, generosity and support!
Help Us Keep Our Kids Off The Streets During COVID-19 Fund
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Help Us Keep Our Kids Off The Streets During COVID-19 Fund
As the world grapples with the failing economy due to the coronavirus pandemic, the most vulnerable in the world are impacted the most. As published by UNICEF: "Without urgent action, this health crisis risks becoming a child-rights crisis. Disruptions to society have a heavy impact on children: on their safety, their well-being, their future." Our work in Rwanda is currently focused on street children. As UNICEF paints it, we have seen the extent of impact the COVID-19 has had on those who are already the most vulnerable in normal circumstances. Our kids are out of school and in environments that we fear pushed them to the streets in the first place, unstable homes. We want to ensure that they don't return to the streets. Our top priority is to ensure that while our kids don't go hungry while they are currently home and out of school. Our goal is to continue to provide food relief as logistics permit, until our Center reopens; hence they can get daily meals there. Secondly, we plan to to introduce activities that can keep them busy as soon as healthy conditions allow them to return to the Center. Those activities include computer skills, crafts, languages and brain games for kids. This will be their full time focus until schools reopen in September. Some of the activities we hope to accomplish in addition to Computer Skills Training and providing meals are: 1. Continue individual and group counseling 2. Trainings the children on: - peace building - goal setting - personal effectiveness 3. Talent development - Soccer practices - music dance practices - reading - writing their stories

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